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2007 Conference Paper N.J. Duijim; F. Markert Safety-Barrier Diagrams for Documenting Safety of Hydrogen Applications.pdf
2015 Conference Paper K. Verfondern; X. Yan; T. Nishishara; H.J. Allelein Presentation_ID218_ICHS2015_0.pdf , paper_252.pdf
2015 Conference Paper J. Kudou; S. Ota; Y. Senga paper_260.pdf
2013 Conference Paper B.J. Lowesmith; G. Hankinson; S. Chynoweth paper_231.pdf
2013 Conference Paper G. Hotellier; I. Becker paper_193.pdf
2013 Conference Paper Z. Wang; E. Secnik; G.F. Naterer paper_168.pdf
2013 Conference Paper M. Azuma; K. Oimatsu; S. Oyama; S. Kamiya; K. Igashira; T. Takemura; Y. Takai paper_172.pdf
2011 Conference Paper G. Hu; J. Dubois; P. Poggi; F. Montignac; P. Serre-Combe; M. Muselli; J.C. Hoguet; B. Vesy; F. Verbecke presentation_58.ppt , paper_140.pdf
2013 Conference Paper C. Jakel; S. Kelm; E. Reinecke; K. Verfondern; H.J. Allelein presentation_56_0.pdf , paper_155.pdf
2005 Conference Paper A. Marangon; M.N. Carcassi; A. Engebo; S. Nilsen Safety Distances - Definition and Values.pdf
2005 Conference Paper M. Komori; T. Yoshida; K. Onoue; S. Kikukawa; T. Mori; K. Takagi Safety Study of Hydrogen Supply Stations for the Review of High Pressure Gas Safety Law in Japan.pdf
2005 Conference Paper F. Markert; S.K. Nielson; J.L. Paulsen; V. Anderson Safety Aspects of Land-Use Planning Scenarios for a Future Infra Structure with Hydrogen Re-Fueling Stations.pdf
2005 Conference Paper H. Rybin; G. Krainz; G. Bartlok; E. Kratzer Safety Demands for Automotive Hydrogen Storage Systems.pdf
2005 Conference Paper S. Furst; M. Dub; M. Gruber; W. Lechner; C. Muller Safety of Hydrogen-Fueled Motor Vehivles with IC Engines.pdf
2007 Journal Article A. Marangon; M. Carcassi; A. Engebo; S. Nilsen 410041.pdf
2007 Conference Paper M. Heitsch; D. Baraldi; P. Moretto; H. Wilkening 1.1.107.pdf
2009 Conference Paper F. Vogler; G. Wursig Safety Considerations and Approval Procedures for the Intergration of Fuel Cells on Board of Shipd.pdf
2009 Conference Paper T. Wallner; R. Scarcelli; H.R.A. Lohse-Busch; B.M. Wozny; S.A. Miers presentation_5.pdf , paper_6.pdf
2007 Presentation B. Coda; W. Raldow H2 Safety and Regulations Codes and Standards in EC Supported Initiatives - An Update.ppt
2011 Conference Paper J. Hebrard; E. Studer; S. Jallais; V. Blanchetiere; O. Gentilhomme paper_97.pdf
2011 Conference Paper F. Verbecke; B. Vesy paper_98.pdf , presentation_32.ppt
2011 Conference Paper A. Harris; P. Rao paper_73.pdf , presentation_11_0.pptx
2011 Conference Paper M. Vanuzzo; M. Carcassi paper_75.pdf , presentation_14.ppt
2011 Conference Paper S. Brennan; V. Molkov paper_83.pdf , presentation_13.pptx
2011 Conference Paper S. Perez; M. Belsue; O. Gonzalez; A. Unzurrunzaga; I. Azkarate paper_54.pdf , presentation_46.pdf