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2013 Conference Paper B. Choi; M. Kim; K.H. Do; T.H. Kim; Y. Han; Y. Lee Comparison of Solutions for a Liquid Pool Spreading Model with Continuous and Instantaneous Spills.pdf
2013 Conference Paper X. Li; J. Bi; D.M. Christopher Presentation_239.pdf , Comparison of Numerical and Algebraic Models of Low and High Pressure Hydrogen Jet Flows with Ideal and Real Gas Models.pdf
2011 Conference Paper J.L. LaChance; B. Middleton; K.M. Groth paper_74.pdf , presentation_13.ppt
2011 Conference Paper E. Papanikolaou; D. Baraldi paper_52.pdf , presentation_8.ppt
2009 Conference Paper S. Benteboula; A. Bengaouer; B. Cariteau Comparison of Two Simplified Models Predictions with Experimental Measurements for Gas Release Within an Enclosure.pdf
2009 Conference Paper Y. Escanciano; A. Kotchourko; A. Lelyakin; A. Gavrikov; A. Efimenko; M. Zbikowski; D. Makarov; V. Molkov A Comparison Exercise on the CFD Detonation Simulation in Large Scale Confined Volumes.pdf
2017 Conference Paper Tara Ghatauray, James Ingram, Paul Holborn 218.pdf , 5_ID218.pptx
2017 Conference Paper Zhiyong Li, Yiying Luo 182.pdf
2015 Conference Paper X. Li; D.M. Christopher; E.S. Hecht; I.W. Ekoto paper_341.pdf , Presentation_ID201_ICHS2015.pptx
2015 Conference Paper G. Bernard-Michel; D. Houssin-Agbomson paper_286.pdf , Presentation_ID127_ICHS2015.pptx
2015 Conference Paper I.C. Tolias; A.G. Venetsanos paper_297.pdf
2017 Conference Paper Stella, G. Giannissi, Alexandros G. Venetsanos 158.pdf , 4_ID158.ppt
2015 Conference Paper S. Pique; B. Weinberger; V. De-Dianous; B. Debray Presentation-ID109_0.pdf , paper_254.pdf
2013 Conference Paper A. Velikorodny; E. Studer; S. Kudriakov; A. Beccantini presentation_92.pdf , paper_198.pdf
2011 Presentation A. Kotchouko presentation_42.ppt
2005 Conference Paper W. Hoagland Collaborative Activities on Hydrogen Safety Under the International Energy Agency's Hydrogen Implementing Agreement.pdf
2005 Conference Paper W. Hoagland 150001.pdf , Hoagland ICHS Presentaton Pisa.ppt
2013 Conference Paper S. Oyama; S. Kamiya; E. Harada; K. Inoue; M. Nishimura presentation_70.pdf , paper_171.pdf
2017 Presentation Marco Carcassi and Nick Smith 2_Closing_Session.pptx
2013 Presentation M. Carcassi Closing Session_0.pdf
2013 Presentation Z.Q. Mao China Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Update.pdf
2015 Conference Paper M. Kiyotaka; Y. Koji; T. Yohsuke paper_331.pdf
2017 Conference Paper Roxana O’Hara, James Ingram, Paul Holborn, et.al. 3_ID161.pdf , 161.pdf
2005 Conference Paper Z. Cheng; V.M. Agranat; A.V. Tchouvelev Characterization of the Hazards from Jet Releases of Hydrogen.pdf
2005 Conference Paper R. Sindelar; H. Kaufman; U. May; G. Krainz; F. Hofmeister Characterization of Materials in Pressurized Hydrogen Under Cyclic Loading at Service Conditions in Hydrogen Powered Engines.pdf