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2007 Conference Paper C. Joseph-Auguste; H. Cheikhravat; N. Djebaili-Chaumeix; E. Deri 1.5.134.pdf
2005 Conference Paper M. Cali; E. Fontana; V. Giaretto; G. Orsello; M. Santarelli 330110.pdf , ICHS- EOS project.ppt
2005 Conference Paper B.R. Kinzey; A. Ruiz; P.B. Davis 400067.pdf , DavisPisa.ppt
2017 Conference Paper Xiongying Li, Yongzhi Zhao, Jinyang Zheng, et.al. 252.pdf
2017 Conference Paper Yohsuke Tamura, Koji Yamazaki, Kiyotaka Maeda 104.pdf , 4_ID104.ppt
2017 Conference Paper Martino Schiavetti, Tommaso Pini, Marco Nicola Carcassi 4_ID108.pdf , 108.pdf
2007 Conference Paper S. Wastiaux; F. Willot; E. Coffre; J.P. Schaaff Testing Safety of Hydrogen Components.pdf
2005 Conference Paper P. Castello; O. Salyk 130002.pdf , 130002_Castello_Salyk_H2Sensor testing in SS cond.ppt
2007 Conference Paper S. Wastiaux; F. Willot; E. Coffre; J.P. Schaaff 2.1.109.pdf
2017 Conference Paper Rafael Ortiz Cebolla, Eveline Weidner, Christian Bonato, et.al. 203.pdf
2009 Conference Paper S.H. Lee; Y.G. Kim; S.C. Kim; K.B. Yoon Temperature Change of a Type IV Cylinder During Hydrogen Fueling Process.pdf
2007 Conference Paper R.I. Hammod; R.J. Pargeter A Temperature Controlled Mechanical Test Facility to Ensure Safe Materials Performance in Hydrogen at 1000 Bar.pdf
2009 Presentation J. Ohi; T. Jordan; S. Dorofeev presentation_45.pdf
2013 Conference Paper S. Jallais; A. Gavrikov paper_197.pdf , presentation_91.pdf
2005 Conference Paper V. Anderson; J.L. Paulsen; F. Markert A Survey Among Experts of Safety Related to the Use of Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier.pdf
2005 Conference Paper V. Andersen; J.L. Paulsen; F. Markert 140076.pdf
2013 Presentation M. Reijalt Supporting National And Local Efforts to Deploy H2 Applications.pdf
Study of Post-Fire Verification Method for the Activation Status of Hydrogen Cylinder Pressure Relief Devices
2015 Conference Paper Y. Koji; T. Yohsuke Presentation_ID168_2015.10.21.pdf , paper_325.pdf
2015 Conference Paper S. Unno; Y. Takaoka; S. Kamiya; S. Oyama; A. Kishimoto; Y. Miida; H. Suga paper_301.pdf
2011 Conference Paper L.I. Zhiyong; P.A.N. Xiangmin; M.E.N.G. Xi; M.A. Jianxin paper_145.pdf , presentation_62.ppt
2013 Conference Paper S.M. Cho; C.J. Kim; E.J. Kim; I. Kim paper_232.pdf
2013 Conference Paper M. Kim; K. Do; B. Choi; Y. Han A Study on the Continuous Spill with Limited Period of Release.pdf
2011 Conference Paper D. Houssin-Agbomson; D. Jamois; C. Proust; J. Daubech; S. Ruban; S. Jallais paper_103.pdf , presentation_35.ppt
2005 Conference Paper V. Di Sarli; A. Di Benedetto Study of Hydrogen Enriched Premixed Flames.pdf
2007 Conference Paper Y. Ishimoto; E. Merilo; M. Groethe; S. Chiba; H. Iwabuchi; K. Sakata Study of Hydrogen Diffusion and Deflagration in a Closed System.pdf