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2017 Conference Paper Donatella Cirrone, Dmitriy Makarov, Vladimir Molkov 145.pdf , 2_ID145.pptx
2015 Conference Paper Y. Tamura; K. Sato paper_323.pdf , Presentation_ID146_Yohsuke_T.ppt
2015 Conference Paper V. Shentsov; M. Kuznetsov; V. Molkov paper_340.pdf , Presentation_ID148_151013_PPP_Validation_ICHS2015_FINAL.pptx
2015 Conference Paper Q. Li; C. Wang; C. Guo; Q. Shao; S. Lu paper_276.pdf
2013 Conference Paper M. Taxak; S. Kumar; B.B. Kalekar; S. Sheelvantra; N. Krishnamurthy presentation_119.pdf , paper_243.pdf
2013 Conference Paper C.J. Kim; S.M. Cho; E.J. Kim; K.B. Yoon paper_226.pdf
2013 Conference Paper G.W. Mair; M. Hoffmann; T. Schonfelder presentation_112.pdf , paper_230.pdf
2013 Conference Paper B.P. Xu; J.X. Wen paper_182.pdf
2011 Conference Paper C.J. Kim; S.H. Lee; Y.G. Kim paper_151.pdf , presentation_30.pptx
2013 Conference Paper P. Battersby; P.G. Holborn; J.M. Ingram; A.F. Averill; P.F. Nolan presentation_55_0.pdf , paper_154.pdf
2005 Conference Paper O. Florisson; R.R. Huizing The Safe Use of the Existing Natural Gas System for Hydrogen (Overview of the Naturalhy-Project).pdf , Pres ICHSv2 new format.ppt
2005 Conference Paper M. Cali; E. Fontana; V. Giaretto; G. Orsello; M. Santarelli The EOS Project - A SOFC Pilot Plant in Italy, Safety Aspects.pdf
2005 Conference Paper S. Watanbe; Y. Tamura; J. Suzuki 140037.pdf , 140037_ICHS_JARI_S.Watanabe_.ppt , The New Facility for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Saftey Evaluation.pdf
2007 Conference Paper W. Chernicoff; R. McCullough; F. Postel 1.5.130.pdf
2005 Journal Article S. Watanabe; Y. Tamura; J. Suzuki
2007 Conference Paper C. Joseph-Auguste; H. Cheikhravat; N. Djebaili-Chaumeix; E. Deri 1.5.134.pdf
2009 Presentation B. Hoagland presentation_35.pdf
2009 Conference Paper R. Zimmer; M. Zschiesche; N. Holzinger presentation_23.pdf , paper_25.pdf
2009 Conference Paper A.G. Venetsanos; P. Adams; I. Azkarate; A. Bengaouer; L. Brett; M.N. Carcassi; A. Engebo; E. Gallego; A.I. Gavrikov; O.R. Hansen; S. Hawksworth; T. Jordan; A. Kessler; S. Kumar; V. Molkov; S. Nilsen; E. Reinecke; M. Stocklin; U. Schmidtchen; A. Teodorczyk; D. Tigreat; N.H.A. Versloot presentation_25.pdf , paper_27.pdf
2009 Conference Paper D.B. Willoughby; M. Royle presentation_21.pdf , paper_23.pdf
2007 Conference Paper C. Joseph-Auguste; H. Cheikhravat; N. Djeba?li-Chaumeix; E. Deri On the Use of Spray Systems - An Example of R&D Work in Hydrogen Safety for Nuclear Applications.pdf
2011 Conference Paper N. Rezaetan; L. Bauwens; M. Radulescu; F.F. Fachini paper_121.pdf , presentation_50.ppt
2011 Conference Paper N. Kotchourko; M. Kuznetsov; A. Kotchourko; T. Jordan paper_91.pdf , presentation_26.ppt
2011 Conference Paper N. Eisenreich; A. Kebler; A. Koleczko; V. Weiser presentation_49.pdf , paper_65.pdf
2011 Conference Paper Y. Tamura; M. Takabayashi; M. Takeuchi; H. Mitsuishi paper_68.pdf , presentation_12.ppt