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2013 Presentation T. Constantinescu 5th International Conference on Hydrogen Safety.pdf
2015 Conference Paper M. Henriksen; D. Bjerketvedt; K. Vaagsaether; A.V. Gaathaug; T. Skjold; P. Middha paper_293.pdf
2013 Conference Paper P. Hooker; D.B. Willoughby; J. Hall; J. Hoyes
2017 Conference Paper D. Terlip; K. Hartmann; C. Rivkin Paper-168.pdf
2009 Presentation A. Kotchourko presentation_41.pdf
2013 Conference Paper S.C. Weiner presentation_54_0.pdf , paper_153.pdf
2017 Conference Paper W. Breitung; G. Halmer; M. Kuznetsov Paper-117.pdf
2015 Conference Paper D. Houssin-Agbomson; S. Jallais paper_285.pdf , Presentation_ID194_HSL.pptx
2015 Conference Paper M. Schiavetti; M. Carcassi paper_334.pdf , Presentation_ID154_ICHS2015-Schiavetti-Nichirin-IV.ppt
2015 Conference Paper A.C. LaFleur; A.B. Muna; K.M. Groth paper_310.pdf , Presentation_ID107_ICHS2015_PBD.pptx
2013 Conference Paper A. Ahmad; A. Al-shanini; F. Khan presentation_57_0.pdf , paper_156.pdf
2013 Conference Paper S. Jallais; D. Houssin-Agbomson; B. Cariteau presentation_84.pdf , paper_186.pdf
2013 Conference Paper W.J. Buttner; R. Burgess; C. Rivkin; M.B. Post; L. Boon-Brett; V. Palmisano; P. Moretto presentation_98.pdf , paper_204.pdf
2015 Conference Paper A. Yokoyama; M. Asahara; D. Muto; N. Tsuboi paper_269_0.pdf , Presentation_ID172_ICHS_yokoyama.pptx
2013 Presentation A. Westgeest presentation_83.pdf
2015 Conference Paper V. Molkov; S. Kashkarov paper_329.pdf , Presentation_ID152_151020_BW_ICHS.pptx
2015 Conference Paper T. Matsunaga; T. Mogi; R. Dobashi Presentation_ID217_6thICHS_217.pdf , paper_336.pdf
2015 Conference Paper M. Afroosheh; F. Vakilimoghadda; M. Paraschivoiu Presentation_ID115_ichs.pdf , paper_339.pdf
2013 Presentation J. Hamilton California and U.S.A.pdf
2013 Conference Paper W.Z. Gai; C.S. Fang; Z.Y. Deng Catalysis of Oxides in Hydrogen Generation by the Reaction of Al With Water.pdf
2011 Presentation D. Baraldi; E. Papanikolaou; M. Heitsch; P. Moretto; R.S. Cant; D. Roekaerts; S. Dorofeev; A. Kotchourko; P. Middha; A.V. Tchouvelev; S. Ledin; J. Wen; A. Venetsanos; V.V. Molkov presentation_21.ppt
2015 Conference Paper E. Vyazmina; S. Jallais; A. Beccantini; S. Trelat paper_249.pdf
2015 Conference Paper I.C. Tolias; A.G. Venetsanos; N. Markatos; C.T. Kiranoudis paper_274.pdf
2015 Conference Paper Z.Y. Li; D. Makarov; J. Keenan; V. Molkov paper_322.pdf , Presentation_ID131_Z.Li_v1.pptx
2015 Conference Paper D. Melideo; D. Baraldi; B. Acosta-Iborra; O. Cebolla; P. Moretto paper_330.pdf , Presentation_ID137_ICHS2015_FF_DM_6.pptx