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2009 Conference Paper R. Zalosh; N. Barilo Wide Area and Distributed Hydrogen Sensors.pdf
2009 Conference Paper L. Deimling; V. Weiser; A. Blanc; E. N.; G. Billeb; A. Kessler paper_31.pdf , presentation_29.pdf
2009 Conference Paper C.R. Bauwens; J. Chaffee; S.B. Dorofeev presentation_13.pdf , paper_15.pdf
2009 Conference Paper P. Middha; M. Ichard; B.J. Arntzen Validation of CFD Modelling of LH2 Spread and Evaporation Against Large-Scale Spill Experiments.pdf
2009 Conference Paper S.C. Weiner; L.L. Fassbender; K.A. Quick presentation_0.pdf , paper_1.pdf
2009 Conference Paper C. Joseph-Auguste; A. Beccatini; S. Kudriakov Unsteady Lumped-Parameter Modeling of Hydrogen Combustion in the Presence of a Water Spray.pdf
2009 Conference Paper R. Zimmer; M. Zschiesche; N. Holzinger presentation_23.pdf , paper_25.pdf
2009 Conference Paper A.G. Venetsanos; P. Adams; I. Azkarate; A. Bengaouer; L. Brett; M.N. Carcassi; A. Engebo; E. Gallego; A.I. Gavrikov; O.R. Hansen; S. Hawksworth; T. Jordan; A. Kessler; S. Kumar; V. Molkov; S. Nilsen; E. Reinecke; M. Stocklin; U. Schmidtchen; A. Teodorczyk; D. Tigreat; N.H.A. Versloot presentation_25.pdf , paper_27.pdf
2009 Conference Paper D.B. Willoughby; M. Royle presentation_21.pdf , paper_23.pdf
2009 Conference Paper A. Veser; M. Kuznetsov; G. Fast; A. Freidrich; N. Kotchourko; G. Stern; M. Schwall; W. Breitung presentation_27.pdf , paper_29.pdf
2009 Presentation B. Hoagland presentation_35.pdf
2009 Conference Paper S.H. Lee; Y.G. Kim; S.C. Kim; K.B. Yoon Temperature Change of a Type IV Cylinder During Hydrogen Fueling Process.pdf
2009 Presentation J. Ohi; T. Jordan; S. Dorofeev presentation_45.pdf
2009 Conference Paper W.G. Houf; G.H. Evans; R.W. Schefer; E. Merilo; M. Groethe paper_4.pdf , presentation_3.pdf
2009 Conference Paper S.P.M. Bane; J.E. Shepherd; E. Kwon; A.C. Day presentation_37.pdf , paper_38.pdf
2009 Conference Paper D. E.; M. Bucci; A. Monavon Some Considerations on the Scaling of Experiments for Hydrogen Risk Assessment.pdf
2009 Conference Paper W.S. Winters; W.G. Houf Simulation of Small-Scale Releases From Liquid Hydrogen Storage Systems.pdf
2009 Conference Paper J. Melguizo-Gavilanes; N. Rezaeyan; L. Bauwens Simulation of Shock-Initiated Ignition.pdf
2009 Conference Paper M. Heitsch; D. Baraldi; P. Moretto Simulation of the Fast Filling of Hydrogen Tanks.pdf
2009 Conference Paper F. Vogler; G. Wursig Safety Considerations and Approval Procedures for the Intergration of Fuel Cells on Board of Shipd.pdf
2009 Conference Paper T. Wallner; R. Scarcelli; H.R.A. Lohse-Busch; B.M. Wozny; S.A. Miers presentation_5.pdf , paper_6.pdf
2009 Conference Paper V. Shepelin; D. Koshmanov; N. Eflmova Safe Testing of Catalytic Devices in Hydrogen-Air Flow.pdf
2009 Conference Paper I. Agote; M.A. Lagos; I. Azkarate Safe Processing Route for the Synthesis of Mg Based Metallic Hydrides.pdf
2009 Conference Paper G.P. Haugom; F. Hansen; E. Haland presentation_16.pdf , paper_18.pdf
2009 Conference Paper A. Rodionov; H. Wilkening; P. Moretto Risk Assessment of Hydrogen Explosion for Private Car with Hydrogen-Driven Engine.pdf