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2011 Conference Paper J.A. Cortes-Concepcion; C.W. James; S.M. Everett; J.R. Gray; D.A. Tamburello; D.L. Anton paper_113.pdf , presentation_20.pptx
2011 Conference Paper J.L. LaChance paper_110.pdf , presentation_18.pptx
2009 Presentation A. Tchouvelev; A.M. Hansen; S. Miyashita; G. Vercauteren; B. Golden presentation_42.pdf
2009 Conference Paper G.P. Haugom; F. Hansen; E. Haland presentation_16.pdf , paper_18.pdf
2007 Conference Paper M. Giardina; M. Casamira; L. Corchia; C. Lombardo; G. Messina; F. Castiglia Risk Analysis of the Storage Unit in a Hydrogen Refuelling Station.pdf
2009 Conference Paper A. Rodionov; H. Wilkening; P. Moretto Risk Assessment of Hydrogen Explosion for Private Car with Hydrogen-Driven Engine.pdf
2009 Conference Paper Y.F. Khalil; D.A. Mosher Risk Quantification of Hydride Based Hydrogen Storage Systems for Automotive Applications.pdf
2005 Conference Paper J.M. Ohi; C. Moen; J. Keller; R. Cox Risk Assessment for Hydrogen Codes and Standards.pdf
2007 Conference Paper M. Casamirra; F. Castiglia; L. Corchia; M. Giardina; C. Lombardo; G. Messina 4.1.294.pdf
2005 Conference Paper J.M. Ohi; C. Moen; J. Keller; R. Cox 140035.pdf , ICHS_RA Workshop prova.ppt
2017 Conference Paper P. Timmers; G. Stam Paper-107.pdf , Presentation_ID107.pptx
2017 Conference Paper Ke Sun, Zhiyong Li 169.pdf
2015 Conference Paper T. Skjold; D. Siccama; H. Hisken; A. Brambilla; P. Middha; K.M. Groth; A.C. LaFleur Presentation_ID105_Hy3DRM_Final_20151021.pdf , paper_309.pdf
2015 Conference Paper F. Markert; A. Marangon; M. Carcassi; N.J. Duijm Presentation_ID101_RISK-ANALYSIS-OF-COMPLEX-HYDROGEN-INFRASTRUCTURES.pdf , paper_311.pdf
2009 Conference Paper L. Melani; I. Sochet; X. Rocourt; S. Jallais Review of Methods for Estimating the Overpressure and Impulse Resulting From a Hydrogen Explosion in a Confined-Obstructed Volume.pdf
2007 Conference Paper T. Jordan; J. Garcia; O.R. Hansen; A. Huser; S. Ledin; P. Middha; V. Molkov; J. Travis; A.G. Venetsanos; F. Verbecke; J. Xiao presentation.pdf , 1.1.281.pdf
2017 Conference Paper Thomas Hübert, Jacek Majewski, Ulrich Banach, et.al. 211.pdf
2017 Conference Paper Pierre Blanc-Vannet, Olivier Bardoux, Noémie Alexandre 1_ID136.pdf , 136.pdf
2009 Presentation S. Miyashita presentation_43_0.pdf
2007 Presentation A. Ruiz Research for Hydrogen Safety, Codes & Standards - An Integrated Approach.ppt
2017 Presentation T. Ikeda, T. Abe 6_ID215.pdf
2015 Conference Paper M. Hirose; T. Ikeda; Y. Sone paper_305.pdf
2007 Conference Paper M. Molag; L. Heidebrink Requirements for the Safety Assessment for the Approval of a Hydrogen Refueling Station.pdf
2007 Conference Paper M. Molag; I. Heidebrink 6.4.000.pdf
2015 Conference Paper S.G. Giannissi; I.C. Tolias; A.G. Venetsanos paper_338.pdf , Presentation_ID259_Removing-the-disrupting-wind-effect.ppt