Hydrogen Threshold Cost Calculator

The hydrogen threshold cost calculator determines the cost of hydrogen required for the cost per mile for a gasoline-fueled hybrid electric to match that for a hydrogen-fueled fuel cell vehicle. The calculation requires inputs for the cost of gasoline ($/gal), the fuel economies of the fuel cell (mile/gge) and hybrid electric (mile/gal) vehicles, and the incremental cost of a FCV compared to an HEV ($/mile).


To use the calculator enter the default assumptions or alternate assumptions and click the convert box. The default value of 3.13 $/gallon is from the Energy Information Administration’s 2009 Annual Energy Outlook. The default assumptions for mileage were calculated by Argonne National Laboratory using their Powertrain Systems Analysis Toolkit. Likely ranges for these assumptions and additional supporting infomation are documented in the Hydrogen Threshold Cost Calculation.