The Hydrogen Safety Panel routinely has a number of task groups working timely issues.  Questions on the task group activities should be directed to the program manager at 509-371-7894 or by email at

Capturing Unique Learnings

Purpose: This goal of this task group is to propose methods for capturing and disseminating unique learnings from project safety reviews through a document or online resource.

Members: Don Frikken (Lead), Nick Barilo, Richard Kallman, Miguel Maes and Larry Moulthrop

CNG Tank Failures

Purpose: This task group is investigating the results from CNG tank failure incidents, tank testing, GTR, 2579, etc., to consider what might be learned for hydrogen. It is anticipated that results will be incorporated into a white paper.

Members: Nick Barilo (Lead), Dave Farese, Livio Gambone, John Gonzales, Chris LaFluer, Steve Mathison, Glenn Scheffler, Tom Witte and Bob Zalosh

Development of a Certfication Guide

Purpose:  The goal of this task group is to develop a guideline that will assist authorities, designers, owner, evaluators and others with application of requirements pertinent to the design and/or installation of hydrogen equipment as regulated by the model codes. The end result is guidance that will lead to greater consistency in application for those engaged in the permitting process as well as those concerned with the design of systems and equipment involving the use of hydrogen.

Members:  Larry Fluer (Lead), Nick Barilo, Dave Farese, Richard Kallman, Glenn Scheffler, Steve Weiner and Bob Zalosh

Evaluate Unique Applications

Purpose: This task group is tasked with two activities.

Task 1. Evaluate recent HSP reviews for new and unique applications (mobile auxiliary power units, mobile fuelers, refrigeration units, etc.) to determine if safety or code gaps exist; develop a white paper to summarize the conclusions and provide necessary recommendations.

Task 2. Develop a white paper related to system-level safety integration that may be needed related to hydrogen fueling tanks when they are used for other than light-duty vehicles (e.g., maritime, heavy-duty vehicles, material handling equipment at airports, trailers that carry hydrogen for portable fueling).

Members: Nick Barilo (Lead), Dave Farese, Mike Kashuba, Chris LaFluer, Miguel Maes, Steve Mathison, Glenn Scheffler and Bob Zalosh

Safety Planning Guidance

Purpose:  This task group is charged with editing, updating and adding appropriate new content for "Safety Planning Guidance for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Projects, April 2010".  In that effort, the task group is considering the breadth of the DOE-project portfolio, its implications on safety planning, and the role of the Hydrogen Safety Panel as a resource for project teams.  Identification of "good example" project safety plans is also part of that effort.

Members:  Nick Barilo (Lead), Richard Kallman, Chris LaFleur, Steve Mathison and Larry Moulthrop