After the user has become familiar with the overall content of the Guide it can be used as a companion to site specific codes applicable to equipment design or installation.

Chapter 4 is arranged on a code specific basis and contains extract text from the applicable code(s) to aid the user in identifying the provision(s) of interest.  The text is further arranged in Section number order and each section containing the trigger terms, i.e., approved, listed, labeled or certified are highlighted.  Related text may be included in limited cases necessary for application.

  • Definitions used within the extract code text or the accompanying explanations along with their source documents are included in Chapter 3.
  • Required references needed by the user are located in Appendix A.1 and cross referenced by Section number when use is required.
  • References used in the narrative text of Chapter 4 are located in Appendix D

The following examples are provided to illustrate the contents and use of the guide:

Example #1 - Inspection of Piping Systems from IFGC Section 705
Example #2 - Gas Detection from NFPA 2 Chapter 6
Example #3 - Use of Alternate Materials and Methods from IMC Section 510.9