ASTM D7675-2015 Test Method for the Determination of Total Hydrocarbons in Hydrogen by FID Based Total Hydrocarbon (THC) Analyzer

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  • Hydrogen Infrastructure
  • Hydrogen
  • Contaminant Tests
American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

This test method describes a procedure for total hydrocarbons (THC) measurement in hydrogen intended as a fuel for fuel cells on a C1 Basis. Total Hydrocarbons on a C1 basis is an analytical technique where total carbon is determined and all of the hydrocarbons are assumed to have the same response as Methane. Sensitivity from 0.1 part per million (ppm, µmole/mole) up to 1000 parts per million (ppm, µmole/mole) concentration are achievable. Higher concentrations can be analyzed using appropriate dilution techniques. This test method can be applied to other gaseous samples requiring analysis of trace constituents provided an assessment of potential interferences has been accomplished.


Published 2011. Revised and re-issued in 2015.

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December, 2015
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Contacts;  JP Hsu / Richard Frisch


Richard Frisch