CGA H-2 Guidelines for the Classification and Labeling of Hydrogen Storage Systems with Hydrogen Absorbed in Reversible Metal Hydrides

North America
United States
Application Type
  • Hydrogen Infrastructure
  • Hydrogen Storage & Transport
  • Labeling
  • Portable & Micro
  • Portable Fuel Cells
  • Fuel Tanks
Compressed Gas Association

Hydrogen storage systems based on reversible metal hydride technology are being introduced for consumer use. Due to the lack of appropriate regulations, codes and standards and experience for this emerging technology, there is the potential for inconsistency in their classification, labeling and treatment for shipping and installation. This document gives guidance to regulators, manufacturers and users of these systems to establish a consistent and uniform basis for the classification, labeling and treatment of such products.

Status Explanation

Published August 2004. Reaffirmed December 2010. Second edition published in 2018. Available at Deadline to submit proposed changes for next edition: 6/4/22.

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