Jim baker
December 25, 2019

Hello everyone,,
Genuinely curious. He did a video on The Ordinary which popped up in my feed (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3hQnHi5OEk) and I had to tune out when he said his least favorite was their Glycolic Acid because it has a pH of 3.6 He then admits he doesn't understand chemistry, he just knows http://tradevenue.se/ that low pH bothers him. (He's also wrong in calling Rose Water an essential oil.)

Acids have a low pH. If the pH was any higher, the acid neutralizes, is literally no longer an acid, and won't do anything on your face.

Any Glycolic he's using is likely in the 3.6 pH range, and he says the pH is why he burned. NO. He burned because it's a 7% concentration Glycolic, and he's likely using lower concentrations typically.

I saw another post where someone said he went after Drunk Elephant (yes DE is the worst) for using Silica and called it a Silicone. I learned in high school biology what Silica was... (they're found in Diatoms, and your toothpaste contains millions of little crushed Diatoms to give it grit).

Am I wrong somewhere? What expertise does this YouTuber have?