John Bruijnen
May 16, 2019

Using the following version 1.1.1 build 1352
Physics module:
Gasplume dispersion:
Missing to simulate different gas-plume at different pressures (same at Jet Flames)
Topic Jet Flame missing items
1/ The capability to change the plot-size (this is possible in Gasplume dispersion)
2/ The capability to download the data-set towards excel.
Topic: Explosion (Deflagation/Detonation effects), Pressure effects
I am missing the capability of an explosion module (Ref: see paper 29e writtin by M.J. Tang/ Q.A. Baker at Process Safety Progress at the 33rd Loss of prevention Symposium, Houston, Texas, 14-18 March 1999).

Nick Barilo
May 22, 2019

Hi John, I will pass your comments on to Sandia National Laboratories.

Brian Ehrhart
May 31, 2019

Hi John,
Thank you for your comments!

The Gas Plume Dispersion model does in fact have the ability to simulate different hydrogen pressures, but this input is located in the "Advanced" tab of the "Input" sheet. We realize that this is a bit confusing, and so we have re-organized these inputs to be all in the same place in the next version of HyRAM (to be released very soon).

The Jet Flame model does indeed lack the ability to modify the plot dimensions, as well as downloading the resulting output to Excel. These should be relatively simple to add, and we hope to add them to a future release of HyRAM.

HyRAM also currently lacks the ability to model pressure effects. The Overpressure model in the Physics mode does calculate an overpressure, but only a volumetric estimation; other pressure effects are not considered in this calculation. This is a complex topic, and we hope to address this in the future.