regulation&best practices regarding safety in roofed garages

I am doing research on regulation of safety (regarding fire) in roofed garages with hydrogen and electric cars. Would you know regulations, research, any documents; please let me know.

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There are some great standards on this page:

Also you can search for past lessons learned here:



Are you referring to parking garages or repair garages? For hydrogen used in the United States, requirements that may be applicable including the International Fire Code, International Mechanical Code and International Residential Code (IRC). That said, some of the ventilation requirements appear to need additional consideration. For example, for natural ventilation the IRC requires two vents (one high and one low) in the same wall. That could short circuit the ventilation path and cause a delay in evacuation of leaked gases. Other codes such as NFPA 30 (for flammable liquids) requires inlet and outlet ventilation openings to be on opposite sides of the room.

For additional research and documents, you may want to look at the articles referenced in the Bibliography resource of this site ( I did a quick search on garage and found 14 citations.


Thank you both; really helpful (I was referring to parking garages by the way).

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I would suggest looking at NFPA 2, 2016, Chapter 17.