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Title Year Sort ascending Type Authors
2015 Presentation N. Nomura
2013 Conference Paper J.O. Keller; M. Gresho; A. Harris; A.V. Tchouvelev
2013 Presentation J. Keller
2013 Journal Article

S.C. Weiner; L.L. Fassbender; C. Blake; S.M. Aceves; B.P. Somerday; A. Ruiz

2013 Journal Article

J. Malet; Ddu Lou; T. Gelain

2015 Conference Paper K. Yamashita; T. Saburi; Y. Wada; M. Asahara; T. Mogi; A.K. Hayashi
2013 Presentation M. Steen
2013 Conference Paper D.K. Benson; W. Hoagland; R.D. Smith
2013 Conference Paper V. Molkov; M. Bragin
2013 Conference Paper X. Rocourt; S. Awamat; I. Sochet; S. Jallais
2007 Journal Article

G.R. Astbury

2015 Conference Paper D. Makarov; V. Molkov; P. Hooker; M. Kuznetsov
2007 Conference Paper M. Royle; L.C. Shirvill; T.A. Roberts
2007 Conference Paper M. Royle; L.C. Shirvill; T.A. Roberts
2007 Conference Paper P. Middha; O. Hansen; J. Grune; A. Kotchourko
2007 Conference Paper P. Middha; O.R. Hansen; J. Grune; A. Kotchourko
2015 Conference Paper E.S. Hecht; X. Li; I.W. Ekoto
2015 Conference Paper E. Vyazmina; S. Jallais
2015 Journal Article

S.G. Xu; R.C. Wei; Y.L. Zhao; C. Wang; C.Y. Zhang

2015 Conference Paper T. Yoshida
2013 Conference Paper I.W. Ekoto; A.J. Ruggles; L.W. Creitz; J.X. Li
2015 Journal Article

J. Daubech; J. Hebrard; S. Jallais; E. Vyazmina; D. Jamois; F. Verbecke

2013 Conference Paper F. Markert; D. Melideo; D. Baraldi
2013 Conference Paper B. Maxwell; S.A.E.G. Falle; G.J. Sharpe; M.I. Radulescu
2015 Conference Paper J. Daubech; C. Proust; G. Lecocq