During the initial start-up of a system or for restart of a system that has been modified or has been idle for long periods of downtime, workers following operating procedures should:

  • ensure that hydrogen equipment is properly integrated with the facility and is used in the intended location
    • a hydrogen system should not be moved into a building that hasn't been designed with proper ventilation and hydrogen detectors (See Facility Design Considerations )
  • ensure that quality assurance (QA) procedures have been followed during fabrication and assembly of equipment.
    • documentation of QA procedures should be retained and should be available for review
  • verify system configuration and the integrity of hardware before operation of the system.
    • operators must ensure that the system has not been partially disassembled or left in an operational condition that would be unsafe upon start-up
    • this is especially important after long periods of downtime

Throughout the operational lifetime of a system, workers following operating procedures should: