Have an emergency response plan and follow it. For emergency planning information see Emergency Plans.

Conduct emergency response training and carry out emergency response drills on a regular basis.

Review and revise response plans based on experience.

In the event of an incident, take the following actions:

  • Immediately notify others or sound the alarm system to make others aware of the danger.
  • If safe to do so, shut off the hydrogen supply valves.
  • For small, contained fires where it is safe to do so, put the fire out using a fire extinguisher.
  • Exit the building by the nearest evacuation route, and proceed to the congregation point.
  • Only trained responders should deal with spills, fires, and uncontrolled releases.

Notify the emergency responders of building layout and unique hazards in advance of an incident. They should do a walk-through to become familiar with the facility before an incident occurs.

After the incident, follow up with authorities having jurisdiction, review incident and response plans, and update procedures, training, controls, and processes to prevent recurrence and enhance future responses.